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The Social Enterprise Accelerator

 SEA Change is a Social Enterprise Accelerator program pairing business professionals with socially-minded startups. Culminating in a pitch event for start-up resources, this program accelerates new organizations to move forward further, faster.

Columbus Cohort May 2018
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Facilitator Description

Role | As a facilitator, you would join our cohort for one or more in-person meetings and facilitate discussion and hands-on activities. The curriculum for your module(s) will be provided ahead of time – you can follow it word for word, or make it your own! Meet one-on-one with participants in class.

Time Commitment | Approximately 4 hours over one or two weeks (3 hour sessions with 30 minutes of setup/preparation and 30 minutes of takedown), plus 1 hour of prep.

What's learned

Facilitated Topics

Mission | Vision | Value

Customer Discovery

Business Model Design

Financial Modeling

Measuring, Monitoring & Communicating Impact

Creating Partnerships

Raising Funds

Pitching Your Idea | Storytelling

Mentor Description

Role | You will be assigned 1-2 participants, and will stay in contact with them throughout the process. There is no specific date/time requirement, but you are expected to remain in touch and available to meet with your participants over the full 13 week timeframe. You will be provided with access to the curriculum in order to understand what the participants are learning.

Time commitment | approximately 12-20 hours over 13 weeks. Actual time will depend on needs of the participant.

What Can I Do?

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Suds Brewing Company

Suds Brewing Company

Started by two teenage brothers, the tag line “We Brew Soap” helps to illuminate one key difference in their soap: beer! They make small batches of beer soap with natural ingredients and locally brewed beer waste.

Too Good Eats®

Too Good Eats®

educates and partners with local agencies in our community to provide naturally preserved, organic baby food boxes to families in need.

Growlers Dog Bones

Growlers Dog Bones

partners with micro-breweries to provide part-time vocational training and employment to those with disabilities. Additionally they produce, package and sell hand-crafted dog bones created from the by-product of the brewing process at the Food Fort, a division of ECD.

Ears On Org

Ears On Org

connects previously used, recycled hearing aids to children in need of a hearing aid via a network of local Columbus providers.



builds better websites to grow Columbus small businesses while helping at-risk young adults with careers in marketing and technology.



has built a secure online platform to simplify the DACA application process for new and renewing applicants, a process which is otherwise complicated, lengthy and unfairly costly.

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