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Role | As a subject matter expert in one of our covered topics (see below for a list), you would join our cohort for one or more in-person or online meetings and facilitate discussion and hands-on activities. The curriculum for your module(s) will be provided ahead of time – you can follow it word for word, or make it your own! Give back and help up to 20 entrepreneurs per session move forward further, faster.

Time Commitment | Approximately 3 hours over one or two weeks, plus 1 hour of prep.


Role | You will be assigned 1-2 participants and will stay in contact with them throughout the process. There is no specific date/time requirement, but you are expected to remain in touch and available to meet with your participants over a minimum of 3 months. You will be provided with access to the curriculum in order to understand what the participants are learning.

Time Commitment | Approximately 12-20 hours over 12 weeks. Actual time will depend on the needs of the participant.

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